Betfair betting review

Betfair - Free £20 bet
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Betfair Review

Betfair is the biggest and best online betting exchange, offering up to 20% better odds than online bookmakers. As a betting exchange, Betfair enables customers to place bets against each other, meaning there is no bookmaker profit. Betfair customers have the opportunity to bet on something to win, or for it not to win, making it a truly unique online betting service.

In addition to a betting exchange, Betfair also offers Exchange games, a zero house edge online casino, and an online poker room.

Betfair Design/ Navigation

The Betfair website is expertly designed to allow simple navigation to the numerous number of betting markets available. Simple instructions are on hand every step of the way to help new customers understand the concept of a betting exchange and explaining how to place your bet.

Betfair also offers a number of customable aspects to it’s website, which makes placing multiple bets for the advance, regular customer a very smooth and simple process.

Betfair Betting Markets

Nobody offers more betting opportunities than Betfair! Eery market you could possibly think of is available, and in plenty of time. Customers can place bets on UK races from as early as 1am , which is something traditional bookmakers don’t offer until around 9am in the morning.

The key success to Betfair is the better odds on offer. Because there is no profit as there is no bookmaker, Betfair are able to offer up to 20% better odds on almost every betting market.

Betfair Free Bet

New Betfair customers qualify for a free £25 bet once they have placed their first bet. To claim the Betfair Free bet you must enter the code “FTB125” when registering your account in the “promo code” box.

In addition to the new customer free bet offer, Betfair offer all new customers £10 free once they have placed a bet to win (backed), placed a bet on something to lose (laid) and placed an in-running bet on a live sports event.

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