Asian Handicap Betting

An Asian Handicap bet is a form of betting which originated, and is still very popular in Asia. It usually takes place in the form of an event that has three outcomes, such as a football match (win/draw/lose) and a team receives a virtual head start. These handicaps (head starts) eliminate the possibility of the game finishing in a draw, as one team will receive +0.25 or +1.5 etc, it is impossible for a team to score half a goal in a real game of football.

An example of an Asian Handicap bet is Man Utd (-1.5) 2.1 vs Norwich (+1.5) 1.85

In this game, Norwich receive a 1.5 goal head start. They are priced at 1.85 to win the game with the handicap, and Man Utd 2.05. To win the Asian Handicap bet, Man Utd need to win by 2 clear goals, as this would overcome the handicap. If Man Utd win by 1 goal, draw or lose to Norwich, then Norwich would win the Asian Handicap bet.

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