Betting Exchanges

Betting Exchanges allow punters to bet against each other and therefore remove the presence of the bookmaker. Because of the removal of the bookmaker, he is not taking any profit, and this is passed onto the user in the form of up to 20% better odds, and therefore greater winnings for the punter!

Another feature of betting exchanges is that they allow the punter to act as the bookmaker, because the punter has the ability to “lay” a selection. For example if you don’t think a particular horse in a race will win, you can lay it. If that horse loses then you win, if the horse wins you lose.

Betting exchanges offer punters the opportunity to hedge their bets. If you have backed a selection in an ante post tournament at a generous price e.g. 33/1, then as the tournament progresses, the price of the selection will shorten. When the price falls, you will be able to lay that selection to guarantee a profit.

The best betting exchange is Betfair because they have the most liquidity, which means you are almost guaranteed to be able to get your bets matched. Betfair are currently are offering new users a free £20 bet, just type in the reference “football” when prompted for a promotional code on the registration pages. Click here for free £20 from Betfair