Online casino banking guide

Depending on which country you live and which online casino you play with depends on how you are able to fund your account. Countries such as the U.S. do not allow deposits to online gambling companies via credit or debit card. To get round this law, many “E-wallets” have been created to allow online casino players alternative methods to fund and withdraw winnings from their online casino accounts.

Neteller casino

Until recently Neteller was the largest E-Wallet, but following a change in U.S. legislation Neteller no longer provides it’s services to U.S. customers. Neteller allows you to load funds from your credit or debit card to your Neteller account, and then transfer those funds to almost any online casino. Although there is a small charge for this, most online casinos will usually issue a bonus when you deposit via Neteller to compensate.

Firepay casino

Firepay is another E-wallet popular with online casino customers. Firepay is very similar to Neteller, and still excepts U.S. customers.

Moneybookers casino

Moneybookers is a European orientated E-Wallet accepted by all online casinos. With very low processing fees, Moneybookers allows anonymity to casino customers who make numerous transactions. Moneybookers also offers fraud protection, making it a much safer option than depositing via credit or debit cards.

Paypal casino

Most online casinos and gaming organisations do not accept Paypal as a valid payment method, however UK operator’s Ladbrokes casino and Betfair Casino do accept deposits and withdrawals via Paypal. Find out more about online casinos accepting Payal