Position Is Key in Poker

In these articles I often refer to position as being very important and many people have asked me to elaborate on this. In this article I will examine the different positions there are and explain what tactics should be adopted in order to play your best possible game from these positions.

If you are in an early position you will find yourself one, two or three seats to the left of the blind and you will be at a disadvantage as you don’t know how many of your opponents are going to play the round. You can call and then find yourself getting raised so it will cost you another bet to see the flop or you can raise and everyone may fold so you will be winning only the blinds. You will need to play tighter from an early position only with hands that you would be willing to bet with.

If you are four, five or six seats to the left of the blind you are considered to be in a middle position. You are able to play more hands from this position but you will still need to maintain a fairly tight game as there are still a few people left to make their play. As you have already seen how the players in the early position have acted you have an advantage over them when deciding what action you will take. If a couple of players have called you may have the right odds to call with your hand but if everyone has folded, it may be a good move to raise so you can steal the blinds. You must realise that there are still players behind you who can raise so ensure your hand is good enough for you to call those raises.

A late position is one seat to the right of the blinds and if you are in this position you will be able to play a lot more hands. You have more information than anyone else when making your decision than they had when making theirs so the important thing is to make that information count. If people have been raising a strong hand will be required to get involved but if there has only been folding and calling then you can play with a much weaker hand. You should also remember that you will be last to act in the following rounds of the hand so you will be in a powerful position then too. If you have raised pre-flop, players may check to you after the flop as they are afraid of a raise, you can then check for a free card. A late position is best as you have most information, but you must make that information count.

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