Video Poker at online casinos

Video Poker games are similar to slot machines in their appearance and format, although the gameplay is based around the game of poker. Each game starts when the player is dealt a new 5 card hand. The player is then given an opportunity to keep or discard one or more of the cards in exchange for a new card drawn from the same virtual deck. The player then has to form the best possible poker hand and is paid accordingly. Usually a winning hand in video poker is jacks or better, with the jackpot being for a Royal Flush.

Video poker games are immensely popular at online casinos thanks to their very high payout rate (often above 99.5%, making video poker games the best odds games for players as they have the lowest house edge out of any caasino game). Online casinos have also developed a number of multi-hand video poker variations, often known as "power play". These video poker games allow players to play multiple hands to increase their chances of winning. Some of the latest video poker games at online casinos offer up to 100 hands simultaneously. These are genereally more exciting to play because they increase the chances of hitting some of the more high paying hands such as four of a kind, straight flush, and Royal Flush.

Some online casinos offer Video poker games with progressive jackpots, where by a percentage of each bet contributes towards a central jackpot that is usually triggered when a player hits a Royal FLush. These jackpots regulary exceed 10,000.

The most common types of Video Poker at online casinos include:

Jacks or Better Video Poker:

Jacks or Better is the most common form of video poker and is named because a pair of jacks is the minimum winning hand - paying at odds of evens. The average payout on Jacks or Better video poker is in excess of 99.5% which combined with it's simple gameplay format makes it one of the most popular casino games.

10's or Better Video Poker:

10's or better is very similar to Jacks or Better video poker, with the exception that a pair of 10's is the minimum winning hand. To compensate for this, the payouts for a flush and full house are lower in 10's or better video poker than in Jacks or Better.

Aces And Faces Video Poker

Get increased odds on four of a kind if the hand contains with Aces or faces! Get paid for any hand that includes a pair of Aces or Faces, and if you get the Royal Flush you win the jackpot.

Joker Poker Video Poker:

This video poker uses the two jokers in the deck as wild cards which increase your chances of getting a winning hand. Plus there are incentivised odds if you get a Royal Flush without the use of the jokers. This video poker is similar to Dueces Wild, with the exception that there are only 2 wild cards in Joker Poker instead of 4 as in Deuces Wild. Dueces Wild Video Poker Dueces wild video poker is where the four 2's in the deck of cards are "wild", meaning they substitute for any other card to give the player the best possible hand.

At online casinos the casino will auutomatically work out the best winning hand for you. Obviously the wild card means that premium hands such as a flush. full house, 4 of a kind etc occur more frequently on this variation of video poker, so the payouts are reduced accordingly.

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